89-Point Marketing Plan

89 Point Marketing Plan

Sell Fast and For Top Market Value!

  1. Thorough walk-through to discuss staging each room to attract buyers

  2. In depth conversation to discover all the important features to highlight

  3. Discuss items to repair, replace or remove to maximize Sales Price

  4. Create an estimate of Net Proceeds to you so you will know the financial outcome before you sign

  5. Pull comparable properties that have sold in the last 3 months and are currently under contract or active to aide in pricing the home, and review findings with you

  6. Prepare all necessary contracts per Colorado law, utilizing your desires and input and obtain your signature

  7. Completion of the Seller's Property Disclosure form to use as selling tool

  8. Have the furnace cleaned and certified at Seller’s expense for further selling tool

  9. Order Staging service if appropriate

  10. Order professional photos and virtual tour at my expense and attend photo shoot
  11. Prepare showing instructions based on seller’s specific guidelines

  12. Confirm showing instruction for efficiency

  13. Verify seller’s contact information so they can be texted or emailed for showing notifications.

  14. Prepare driving directions making it easy for buyers and agents to find the home

  15. Process property photos by optimizing saturation levels, contracts, shadows and other settings.

  16. Choose which photos to include in advertising and which photos to delete.

  17. Install sign and lockbox

  18. Prepare a rough draft of the listing

  19. Upload the rough draft into MLS and share with seller for review and approval.

  20. Discuss with seller the marketing approach and make changes based on seller’s input

  21. Prepare document that answers questions about Power bills, HOA, Mailbox location, etc.

  22. Prepare secondary documents for Buyer’s agent(s) to view and sign when appropriate

  23. Target all agents showing property near the home and offer their clients an exclusive look prior to a release into the open market.

  24. Call all buyers I am personally working with to provide an exclusive look

  25. Officially release approved MLS information marking as Active for sale

  26. Prepare a flyer for the home

  27. Deliver color copies of the flyer to the home for both inside and outside display boxes

  28. Deliver flyer to my office for agent distribution

  29. Record message for the call capture text system for the sign rider

  30. Obtain a list of your 10-20 closets friends to send letter to asking them to tell their friends

  31. Prepare a list of 100 closets neighbors to call and invite them to “pick their neighbor”

  32. Send a postcard to the 100 closest neighbors advertising your property for sale

  33. Email the property to all agents within my company

  34. Market your property to the weekly marketing meeting at the Realtor Association

  35. Post the property on my personal website

  36. Post property on List Hub that in turn posts to other known sites.

  37. Syndicate the property to over 1000 local agent sites

  38. Schedule a local agent tour

  39. Discuss your property in my bi-weekly office meeting

  40. Attend the office tour and discuss the features and benefits with attending agents

  41. Discuss how the property was priced while on tour

  42. Obtain a written list of Realtor opinion of your home and its pricing

  43. Compile feedback and summarize for your information

  44. Call you discuss the feedback and to formulate a plan for changes if necessary

  45. Post property to my Personal Facebook Page

  46. Post property on my Business Facebook Page

  47. Post property on Google+

  48. Call agents each week working in the area to probe for new buyers they have

  49. Email your property to all the current buyers in my database that fit your property

  50. Reverse Prospect to the agents working with buyers

  51. Submit your property to our relocation department

  52. Submit your property to the Neighborhood board for sale

  53. Notify the top mortgage lenders in the area for new buyer leads they are working with

  54. Create a blog post about your property to open a discussion online

  55. Prospect daily to find a buyer looking for a home like yours

  56. Include your property in my Top 10 of the best values available and share it with all the buyers that I talk with each day.

  57. Answer every call quickly, or return missed calls to buyers as fast as possible

  58. Pre-screen the prospective-buyer-caller to make sure they are financially qualified

  59. Employ the top mortgage brokers on my team to pre-approve buyers prior to wasting our time

  60. Prepare video for Open House advertisement

  61. Email your selected friends of the upcoming Open House and link to video

  62. Email my database of the upcoming Open House and link to video

  63. Email your contacts of the upcoming Open House and link to video

  64. Advertise to MLS and other sites of Open House

  65. Arrive early to make sure the lights are turned on and the drapes are open.

  66. Engage prospective buyers at the front door to assess their needs and point out how your home will fill these needs

  67. I will ask them if they wish to make an offer.  If they say no, I will question more to uncover what can be changed for them to make an offer

  68. Provide you feedback from prospective buyers

  69. Once we receive an offer, I will contact all recent showings and encourage buyers to take action to encourage a multiple offer situation

  70. Contact the buyer’s lender to confirm their ability to purchase

  71. Negotiate on your behalf a careful transaction that minimizes exposure and liability

  72. Formulate any counter offers that you see fit and call the agent(s) prior to sending contract, to coach them on why we have made specific changes

  73. Once we have a ratified contract, my closing department will send you copies of the final signed documents

  74. Monitor deadline dates for contract to make sure we stay within contract

  75. Prepare appropriate Amendments to contract as needed

  76. Send Title company appropriate contracts of pending sale so they can prepare Title Commitment and Tax Certification

  77. Schedule a home inspection with the buyer’s agent

  78. Notify the inspector of any upgrades or changes you have recently make and a copy of the Seller’s Property Disclosure

  79. If repairs are requested, I will evaluate the document with you and highlight repairs versus cosmetic requests and advise you accordingly

  80. Obtain an estimate on all requested repairs prior to you making a decision on completing them

  81. Coordinate with the contractor(s) for repair scheduling

  82. Obtain the repair bills when complete and provide written documentation to the buyer’s agent, Title Company and Lender

  83. Review Title Commitment and Tax Certification for any errors.  Facilitate repairs as necessary and forward copy to you.

  84. Meet the appraiser when necessary to show the comparables used when pricing the property

  85. Verify with the buyer’s lender that the appraisal is satisfactory to the lender

  86. Obtain Seller’s Lending information for Title company to order your mortgage payoff

  87. Schedule closing at your convenience

  88. Review the Settlement Statement prior to attending the closing

  89. Attend the closing with you, answer any questions you may have before during and after, and Thank You for trusting me with your purchase/sale

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