Should a buyer get help from a Realtor when buying a new home from a builder?

Would you go to a murder trial without a lawyer?  While that may be extreme - (and no, I am not a lawyer; nor do I play one on TV)..... you should absolutely get Professional Representation when making the LARGEST INVESTMENT IN YOUR PORTFOLIO!

First of all, hiring a Realtor to represent you in the purchase of a new home from a builder, costs you (the buyer) nothing.  The fees paid to your Realtor are paid for by the builder.  So why wouldn't you want someone on your side to make sure all the T's are crossed?  Let me just tell you some stories, that might further convince you......

The builder's are allowed (in the state of Colorado) to prepare their own contracts.  These contracts are written for the benefit of the builder (not the buyer) and the Realtor can help explain what your risks and liabilities are.  

Builders know that Realtors bring buyers and they also know we share any of their shortcomings with our fellow-Realtors.  This is a good reason to perform better for the buyer that has Realtor respresentation.

Builders are not perfect.  No builder is exempt from the tradesperson that occasionally does sub-standard work.  I've seen:

  • Insullation left out of the attic and not discovered until the owner was trying to re-sell the property.  This happened "after" the warranty and therefore was a cost passed on to the owner (and not the builder).  That certainly explained the high heating bills!
  • Sewer inspection revealed a belly of water in the piping of a home.  Thanks to the Realtor, the builder dug up the basement floor to replace the pipe before the home was closed on.
  • The Realtor negotiated a Radon Test to be performed the month after move in.  If levels exceeded Federal guidlines, builder agreed to provide mitigation.  

Don't go through the buying process blindly.  Get a Professional Realtor to help you through the process.  Even if this isn't your first home!